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HQ Magical World, Fantasy Forest & Characters

This package is part of 1803 HQ Magical World, BUNDLE backgrounds, Hand Painted

High-Quality hand painted backgrounds and characters graphics 2D prepared for a 2D game. This package includes: 

49 background elements, including:17 mountains, 5 big sky background, 4 clouds,  1 tower, 17 forests, 2 hills, 2 ruins.  

Multiple decoration elements and details, including: an animated magic door, an magic plant animated, 1 river, 1 balsa, 3 waterfalls, a system of water particles for waterfalls, moss,
3 cave entries, 5 flowers, 12 rocks, 2 masks, 4 roots, 4 bushes, 2 rain particles, 1 rainbow, 1 house, 2 arbutus tree, 1 brach, 1 carob tree, 1 olive, 2 pine trees, 3 oak trees.
Foregrounds, including: 4 ruins, 6 rocks, 2 animated waterfalls, 4 brushes.
6 type of platforms compound of some blocks each (pieces with loop, with a lot of details for each platform, differents pieces for different combinations)
5 different enemies with sounds included: 3 orcs, a small beast, a chief, a soldier chameleon and a wooden gollem. All these characters include spritesheets.

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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