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This package is part of 1803 HQ Magical World, BUNDLE backgrounds, Hand Painted

Little Sorceress, is a character designed for a "platform game." The character includes 42 actions and incorporates different types of magic or projectiles. Among the animations we can find:  

-Air kick, appear, attack, attack  up, attack up inclined, break, burn, catch, catch jump, catch kick, catch walk, concentrating, concentrating jump, concentrating walk, frozen, hunker, hurt, Hurt tumble, Idle, Idle 02, jump, jump attack, levitate, levitate attack, look up, petrified, profile, projectile, push, ride idle, ride turn, ride walk, run, run attack up, run attack, run attack up inclined, run end, stand up, touch down, turn, victory, walk, walk attack. 

Includes totally free character sounds.

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Buy Now$8.50 USD or more

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